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Flexible alignment of the pressure gauge display

In plant construction, you often come up against challenges where standard valves no longer fitThen, you need professional support who can advice you what to do when standard solutions don`t meet the requirements of the installation.
Some time ago we have created a simple but very helpful solution for a pressure gauge manufacturer. The solution refers to the alignment of the pressure gauge display.

Customers’ requirement

The pressure gauge manufacturer offers two different display designs:

1. Standard Design
Pressure gauge display is oriented at 90° to the process connection.
2. Top Display Design
Pressure gauge display is oriented at 180° to the process connection (e.g. Pressure Gauge Center Back Mount).

Application challenge

The pressure gauge manufacturer needed a tailor-made manifold. So the EPC can plan and design the hook-up without having to think about whether the alignment of the display is correct. No matter which measuring instrument is selected.
This manifold was to be designed such that an instrument with “top display” could be mounted such that the display could be read from the front (vertical display alignment).

Application requirement: Improve usability and safety.

Markus Häffner

Application solution

AS-Schneider developed an individual solution based on an E Series 2 Valve Manifold. This new manifold now enables the end customer to read pressure instruments with “top display” from the front. Without the need for a special hook-up or without having to use an elbow adapter.


(Image source: © AS-Schneider)